JS2 Services

Asset Identification Services – RFID Tagging

JS2 can assist with RFID tagging your inventory. Whether at our location or at your facility, our trained and experienced staff can assist with choosing the right tag and placement of the tag for optimal read. We can work alongside your team expediting the process of getting your inventory tagged, assigned, imputed into the system and ready for the job.

JS2 can also RFID tag your inventory without assistance from your staff. Send us your inventory and we will complete the entire task of RFID tagging, assigning and imputing the information. Whether fixed solid RFID tags on serialized assets or paper tags on material and consumables, we will make the process easy and seamless allowing your staff to focus on other job issues.

JS2 can create and print paper tags to be assigned to your particular inventory items. These tags work well on consumables and material that is sold through our PADD products. Send us an inventory list and we can print and assign a tag to each item. These tags can be printed in any quantity as needed and sent to your facility to be placed on the item prior to being loaded into the PADD This service helps manage the VMI costs and can become a direct cost to the project.

JS2 can create and print RFID identification cards with your company’s logo on them to distribute to your customers. These identification cards allow access to the JS2 solution to retrieve the inventory needed. These cards can be deactivated if lost or stolen.

PADD Management Services and Logistics

PADD Transportation

JS2 can provide all the services to keep your PADD operating efficiently between jobs. Starting with transportation of the PADD, JS2 can provide the right transportation ensuring that the shipper has the right trailer whether roll back, crane or flatbed to handle the move. We also verify that the proper insurance is provided to cover the PADD while in transit.

PADD Storage

JS2 can store your PADD at our facility in Centerburg, Ohio. We have the equipment on site to load and unload from any type of trailer. Centerburg is centrally located in the heart of the industrial northeast. While in storage, critical components such as the computer and the PLC can be removed and stored inside for protection from the elements when the unit is not operating.

PADD Pre-job prep and Post-job inspection

Prior to shipping the PADD to the job site, the computer and PLC will be reinstalled and all functionality will be tested. If inventory items are sent to us, these items can be calibrated into the scales, making the unit even more site ready. After the job is complete and the PADD returns to JS2, the unit will be connected and operational for inspection to see if damage occurred at the last job site.

"compared to our other projects, the project where the PADD was used was the most cost effective"
Project Welding Manager, one of the top 5 Construction Companies in the US