Mobile Parameter Access Security Solution
U.S. Patent 9,123,224 B2

The MPASS is a mobile tool security portal that can be placed at the entrance/exit of a facility or work site to detect RFID tagged items leaving the area. This security tool recognizes employees that are removing tools, material, and consumables from a work site without authorization. MPASS also monitors tooling that cannot be moved from one work site to another, such as hot tools at a nuclear site. This mobile solution can be removed when the job is complete or moved to the next work site as the job progresses. Designed to be installed on job sites outdoors or inside, the MPASS can be customized to fit a particular location or number of employees. The MPASS operates on the same powerful software platform as all the other JS2 products. This allows for greater control and visibility of the inventory and assets throughout the work site.

Features, Benefits & Available Models:

  • Easily moved from work site to work site
  • Customizable/expandable to fit each work site
  • Control cost by reducing theft

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"the jobs where we used the JS2 products and services we had fewer tools lost and less consumables used"
Warehouse Manager, turbine maintenance contractor