JS2 Logistic Solutions

Since 2009 JS2 Logistic Solutions LLC has been creating and building innovative and cost-effective, user-friendly asset management solutions that handle challenging environments. JS2 provides powerful solutions incorporating robust inventory management software, IoT opportunities, RFID and Weight Sensing Technology to improve your processes and increase efficiencies in your daily operations. Our patented solutions are not a one size fits all but are adaptable ensuring a better product for our customer. Our commitment to customer success is not only designed into our solutions but extended to the exceptional service provided. Exceeding customers’ expectations is a trademark of JS2. If you have a challenge bring it to us, we embrace challenges and will work with you to create a successful solution.

"compared to our other projects, the project where the PADD was used was the most cost effective"
Project Welding Manager, one of the top 5 Construction Companies in the US