JS2scan is a user-friendly application built on an industrial grade mobile computer (wireless hand-held scanner) designed to deliver inventory visibility and traceability in the most challenging environments. Designed to support passive RFID and barcode technologies, JS2scan provides a simple, automated process to the issue and return of tools, equipment, and consumables. JS2scan communicates directly with our inventory management software to provide a comprehensive solution.

Visibility outside the controlled environment is a must to effectively track and maintain inventory. In an effort to prevent the removal of company property from the premises, JS2scan detects and alerts security personnel to the presence of RFID tagged tools in vehicles, toolboxes, trailers and storage containers. If an RFID tagged tool is detected, the JS2scan will provide an audible notification and a description of the tool is displayed on the screen.

Product Specifications 



  • Wireless communication
  • Application reads and scans RFID and Barcode
  • Operates in batch mode and online mode
  • RFID item locator
  • RFID inventory audit
  • Item issue and returns
  • Assignment of RFID tags to items and employees
  • Assignment of Barcode labels to items and employees


  • Efficiently and accurately manages inventory transactions
  • Automates the issue and return process
  • Combines RFID and Barcode technologies in a single point-of-use device
  • Electronically records each transaction, increasing traceability and accountability
  • Provides visibility outside the controlled environment
  • Allows operation with or without network connectivity
  • Performs audits, returning reports with detailed status information
  • Enables the use of job numbers to track inventory use by project
  • Locates missing inventory reducing lost time and costs on the job site


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