The GuardGoyle is an industrial grade, transportable security unit that can be strategically placed on the job site at entry/exit points. Personnel are scanned by a radio frequency identification (RFID) system as they walk through the unit. If an RFID tagged tool is detected, the strobe/siren unit is activated and an email notification is sent to designated security personnel or management. Ruggedized IP cameras equipped with motion detectors capture and store still images.

Product Specifications 


  • Accurate, real-time monitoring and reporting of contractor entry and exit of construction site
  • Ability to operate 24/7
  • Eliminates bottlenecks that occur with a manual attendance tracking process
  • Improves tracking and scheduling of resources
  • Reporting on labor costing, overtime
  • Reduce loss of tooling
  • Maintain compliance with CCIP Program Safety Requirements


  • Self-contained, mobile RFID workforce monitoring system
  • Alarm system with electronic notification system is activated if system detects removal of RFID tagged tool from construction site
  • System time stamps contractor entry and exit of construction site via RFID
  • Robust reporting system details attendance, sub-contractors, craft, etc.
  • Video surveillance system provides visual documentation of activity
  • The unit sizes range from 10ʼ containers that have one check point to 40ʼ containers with up to 4 lane check points.

Patent Pending