Inventory Management System

JS2 offers the most comprehensive, feature rich inventory management software available, enabling companies to monitor, maintain, and manage tools, MRO supplies, PPE items, hazardous materials, spare parts, or any other indirect material used in their operation. Installed in over 3500 locations, helping to support and ease the processes in tool crib and storeroom environments. Our software drives all our products creating the most powerful and comprehensive inventory management system available.

Product Specifications 


  • Control and tracking of equipment, tools, supplies, and consumables across facilities
  • Increase accountability of employees
  • Streamline purchasing and replenishing processes
  • Manage re-work, serialized and calibrated items
  • Initiate a point-of-use and/or RFID initiative at your facility
  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Eliminate time spent looking for tools and materials.
  • Provide visibility of all indirect materials across facilities

JS2 empowers your company to better manage and control loss due to tool hoarding, lost tools, theft, or inventory shortages. Our inventory management software will keep your business running at peak efficiency.


  • Inventory and order optimization
  • Extensive purchasing features
  • Red flag monitoring
  • Indirect material supply chain management
  • Alerts to notify of critical stock levels
  • Works with CM Scanners to provide mobility
  • Extensive security and item limit features
  • Both client server and CM online models
  • Cost accounting by multiple user-defined cost centers
  • Consignment inventory monitoring for integrated supply accounts
  • SQL, Oracle, SQL Lite Database Platforms
  • Analyzer business intelligence reports (order qty, vendor performance, etc.)
  • Over 190 canned reports with customizable reports using Crystal Reports
  • Unlimited levels of kitting
  • Extensive serialized tracking, calibrations monitoring and inspections
  • FOD specific tracking for complete accountability
  • Check list functionality to ensure proper processes are followed
  • Direct interface to Activants Prophet21
  • Easy integration capabilities with Open Data Source, Flat File and EDI
  • Works with 20+ point of use vending devices and RFID Devices
  • And much more
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