The Portable Asset Dispensing Device (PADD) product set combines JS2 inventory management software with innovative asset management solutions. These patented solutions provide the cost-effective means to securely manage several asset types including tools, material, consumables and safety gear. Advanced beyond traditional vending products, the PADD is a more robust solution adaptable to more product quantity, sizes, and types. Implementing our PADD product set can greatly benefit your bottom line.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Fully automated, no attendant needed
  • Quick and easy inventory replenishing
  • Inventory alerts and notifications
  • Increase stock efficiency saving cost
  • Completely customizable/expandable for each work site
  • Increase accountability of employees
  • Reduce hoarding and theft
  • Eliminate sock-outs
  • Manage serialized, calibrated and certified tools
  • Reduce lost time spend looking for tools and material
  • Provide visibility of all indirect materials across facilities


US Patent 8,570,169 B2
Canadian Patent 2,693,874

PADD mtf

US Patent 8,686,831 B2
Canadian Patent 2,665,112

PADD hybrid

US Patent 8,570,169 B2 / 8,686,831 B2
Canadian Patent 2,693,874 / 2,665,112