PADD™ – Portable Asset Dispensing Device


The Portable Asset Dispensing Device (PADD) product set combines JS2 inventory management software with innovative asset management solutions. These patented solutions provide the cost-effective means to securely manage several asset types including tools, material, consumables and safety gear. Advanced beyond traditional vending products, the PADD is a more robust solution adaptable to more product quantity, sizes, and types. Implementing our PADD product set can greatly benefit your bottom line.

Features, Benefits & Available Models:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Fully automated, no attendant needed
  • Quick and easy inventory replenishing
  • Inventory alerts and notifications
  • Increase stock efficiency saving cost
  • Completely customizable/expandable for any location
  • Increase accountability of employees
  • Reduce hoarding and theft
  • Eliminate sock-outs
  • Manage serialized, calibrated and certified tools
  • Reduce lost time spend looking for tools and material
  • Provide visibility of all indirect materials across facilities

Choose a model to learn more about its unique feature set and view additional images.

PADD™ ws

US Patent 8,570,169 B2
Canadian Patent 2,693,874

This PADD™ ws product utilizes weight scale technology to accurately issue inventory to authorized employees without the need for scanning. Inventory is placed in bins or in storage containers created specifically for those items. These bins/containers are placed on load cells that create a transaction when weight is removed. The PADD™ ws is designed to track bulk inventory and inventory that is not cost effective to RFID tag or Barcode label. Restocking is a breeze, simply sign in and enter as a designated stocker, then replenish by placing additional items in the bins/containers. No need for special packaging to fit a specific slot. The PADD™ ws is a secure, cost-effective, efficient solution to manage bulk and fast-moving inventory.

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PADD™ rfid

US Patent 8,686,831 B2
Canadian Patent 2,665,112

This PADD product utilizes passive RFID technology to accurately issue inventory to authorized employees. Fully automated the PADD™ rfid eliminates the need for storeroom personnel or barcodes to scan. Once the employee is authorized to enter, selects an item and then exits the transaction is recorded. Returning the item is just as simple. The RFID antenna placement is located inside the entry/exit door of the container or trailer which results in accurate asset tracking. The PADD™ rfid is great for managing inventory on industrial sites and remote locations. It also works well for inventory that is placed in close proximity or repetitively removed and returned. The product is very adaptable to the needs of the job site and can manage inventory in one container/trailer or several connected together. It can also be customized with entering and exit points to accommodate high traffic demands. Our easy to use PADD™ rfid reduces staffing requirements, securely provides needed inventory at the work site, integrates with the central storeroom and reduces stock-outs.

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PADD™ hybrid

US Patent 8,570,169 B2 / 8,686,831 B2
Canadian Patent 2,693,874 / 2,665,112

The PADD™ hybrid combines both JS2 patented RFID and Weight Scale products into one solution. This solution allows for all types of inventory to be housed in a single automated container. Like all PADD solutions, once the employee is authorized to enter, then selects an item from a weight sensing bin or a tagged RFID item or both, then exits the container the transaction is recorded. The PADD™ hybrid can manage both the material and consumables needed to do the job along with all necessary tooling. Customizable and expandable, the PADD™ hybrid offers a comprehensive inventory solution for the most challenging locations.

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"the jobs where we used the JS2 products and services we had fewer tools lost and less consumables used"
Warehouse Manager, turbine maintenance contractor