JS2 Helps Bruner Corporation Recover Stolen Goods

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 00:00 -- admin

JS2scan software aids our company in performing job site audits of our tools at different job sites. Some of which having 250+ RFID tagged items. This allowed us to prepare an accurate report in conjunction with our CribMaster software for our foremen, superintendants and project managers. So that they may be able to identify the quantity of certain tools they have, their value and how long they’ve been on a job site. This information allows those in charge to send back unneeded tools to prevent them getting lost, stolen, or broken.

In addition, we used our JS2 scanners to identify thousands of dollars of tools that were stolen and later found at pawnshops, allowing us to recover them. The RFID tags embedded in the power tools, which were hidden from the thief, enabled us to prove to the authorities that we owned the tools.

- Travis Elliott, Bruner Corporation