Mon, 10/17/2011 - 00:00 -- admin

JS2 (formerly JobSite Resources) of Westerville, Ohio is pleased to announce that it recently delivered the first Mobile Research Facility to the Center for Algal Engineering Research and Commercialization, located at OHIO UNIVERSITY in Athens, Ohio. This Mobile Research Facility has been under development since early this year and will allow the Center to conduct laboratory testing in the field. Jesus Pagan, project director for the center noted "this mobile unit will allow us to expand our ability to do real-time field analysis as opposed to the current method of collecting samples in the field and sending them back to the lab for evaluation." Mark Hall, President of JobSite Resources, noted "we have enjoyed working on this program and being able to provide a versatile and flexible configuration for use in the field. Early on, one of the primary objectives was to have a module that was flexible enough to accommodate a variety of test instruments and capabilities."

The Center for Algal Engineering Research and Commercialization was funded through the Ohio Third Frontier Wright Projects. This center was established to help facilitate the growth and development of algae based technologies within the State of Ohio. Efforts are underway to develop the use of algae as a source of nutritional and specialty chemicals, as well as a potential fuel source and more recently as a source of bioremediation technology. Dr. David Bayless, Director, notes "the algae industry within Ohio is larger than we initially realized. It was apparent to us early in the program that we needed to be able to provide the ability for field evaluation of products and processes. This mobile laboratory capability is a tremendous asset to our overall program and we look forward to its use in future programs."

In collaboration with JobSite Resources, Yamaha Generators provided the portable electric Yamaha EF6300iSDE 6300 Watt inverter generator. Mr. Pagan also noted "as use of this Mobile Research Facility grows, it is anticipated that additional units, as well as modifications of the basic design and concept, will result."