New construction and maintenance outages have strict time lines. Having the tools, material, consumables and safety gear where you need it, when what you need it is critical. JS2 provides the solutions to manage that challenge. All JS2 solutions are built to withstand the environment of a work site inside or out. The JS2 Inventory Management Software keeps you informed of the necessary information to manage inventories and to keep the job equipped. JS2 provides a secure solution that minimizes waste while increasing productivity and efficiencies.


JS2 Inventory Management Solutions manages MRO, tools, parts, indirect material, and personnel to keep facilities operating efficiently. Whether supplying contractors or employees these powerful solutions provide necessary inventory while managing usage and replenishment. JS2 solutions reduce costs and downtime while increasing accountability, safety, and productivity.

Oil and Gas

Whether at a refinery, drilling site or pipeline location, the JS2 solutions manage and track tools, indirect material, and MRO. Our customizable solutions can be designed to the needs of each job site. Whether in explosion proof containers, remote power supplies needed or in easy to move trailers, the JS2 team can equip your job site. These powerful inventory management solutions create efficiencies and reduce downtime and the costs associated.

Military and Government

Military and Government divisions and the contractors that support them must operate under strict guidelines. JS2 solutions manage MRO, tools, parts, weapons, indirect material and personnel keeping the projects on task, efficient and reducing downtime and costs. Our mobile asset management solutions are ideal for supplying contractors while working in a defined area on a tight timeline. These same mobile solutions are great for moving and staging needed inventory in remote areas. All of the solutions are secure and provide visibility and accountability to workers.