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JS2 Helps Bruner Corporation Recover Stolen Goods

JS2scan software aids our company in performing job site audits of our tools at different job sit

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JS2 (formerly JobSite Resources) of Westerville, Ohio is pleased to announce that it recently del

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JS2 delivers comprehensive asset and safety management solutions that address your company's challenges. We leverage proven technologies and best in class inventory management software to optimize business processes. From heavy machinery to precision instruments to materials and supplies, JS2 has a solution to meet your company's needs. JS2 collaborates with your team members to understand your company's pain points and design a unique solution that delivers operational efficiencies yielding measurable, actionable results. Our goal is to develop and implement an asset management system that provides your company with asset visibility, traceability and accountability.

Our Business Is Your Advantage


JS2’s asset and safety management system operates on a single, intuitive software platform and is offered in both Cloud-Based and Client-Server models to meet your companies IT requirements. Additionally, our user friendly software supports integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other 3rd party software applications.


JS2 offers various solutions to efficiently manage assets across a broad spectrum of industry applications. At JS2 we understand each company encounters unique challenges with respect to effectively managing their assets. Our scalable product offering leverages RFID technology, point of use vending devices, industrial grade mobile computer scanners and a variety of wireless and auto identification technologies including Bar Code and GPS to address your company’s challenges.


JS2’s inventory management solution set optimizes inventory accuracy and automates the inventory transaction process. Additionally streamlines the supply purchasing, shipping and receiving and replenishment procedures. Our solutions will reduce your company’s inventory carrying cost, minimize shrinkage, monitor usage and eliminate item stock-outs. Additional cost savings is generated by maximizing productivity of your labor force. This includes reducing time associated with performing manual inventory reconciliations, expediting the replenishment process, minimizing non-product time associated with inventory logistics as well as costly project interruptions related to unavailable inventory.


JS2’s inventory management system captures and presents time sensitive, actionable inventory data via user defined dash board key performance indicators, alert notifications and a robust reporting module. Our user friendly reporting includes over 200 standard reports, the ability to create custom reports as well as schedule and generate reports on demand.


JS2 provides a variety of point-of-use vending devices from traditional helix and carousel units to bin scale weight sensing and RFID devices. Additionally, to fulfill the complex and rigorous demands encountered in many industrial environments JS2 has developed a series of solutions offering automated mobile units constructed in various container and trailer sizes designed to manage and control a diverse high capacity inventory mix that operates within extreme indoor and outdoor environments such as remote job sites.


Our safety software enables your company to record and sustain accurate and timely employee and equipment training and compliance schedules, conduct electronic inspections and store pertinent safety and maintenance records in a centralized electronic location. Our safety solution reduces the risk of incident, associated cost and provides you with the means to maintain compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

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